MerTales 1 The Best Friend Promise book cover

MerTales 1: The Best Friend Promise

A sea-sational new series, packed with mermagic and flipperific adventure.

Today is Pearl’s ninth birthday, and she is planning a sea-sational day with her best friends. But when Pearl takes a shortcut on the way to merschool and sees a shooting star fall into the ocean, things begin to drift off course…

Suddenly, her mermaid tail begins to shimmer and sparkle. What could it mean? Well for a start, Pearl discovers she can now talk to animals, which comes in very handy when one of her friends is cornered by a hungry reef dragon!

It’s time for a mermazing adventure in Cockleshell Cove!

Did you know …?

  • Pearl Periwinkle is based on the author’s best friend, Kate. In fact, all four of the main characters are based on real people!
  • There are 179 drawings of mermaids in Book 1. FIN-CREDIBLE!
  • The books were inspired by a snorkelling trip. Snorkelling is great fun, but be careful never to touch any coral – it’s super fragile!
  • You can play a puzzle game of the cover of this book here.

Where can I buy this book?

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Available now from all good bookstores, or ask for it at your local library

Published by Albert Street Books (an imprint of Allen & Unwin)
ISBN: 9781760526528

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