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Dive into bookstores for Book 4!

Jiggling jellyfish! It’s Book 4 in the fin-tastic MerTales series, packed with mer-magical adventure.

The colours are disappearing from Cockleshell Cove! The bright coral reef is grey and dull, and even the clownfish have lost their colour. The MerTales crew are worried their tails might be next!

Sandy sets out to investigate with the help of her friends, Pearl, Shell and Coral. F.I.N.S. have saved Cockleshell Cove from reef dragons, giant turtles and catfish burglars, but the Mysterious Rainbow Thief moves faster than anything they have ever seen.

Can the mer-crew catch the thief and bring back Cockleshell Cove’s beautiful rainbow?

Welcome back to Cockleshell Cove, MerFriends!

Book 3 out now!

Turbulent Turtles! Book 3 in the sea-sational MerTales series, packed with mer-magical adventure, is out now.

It’s the day of the Great Treasure Hunt and everyone is joining in!

Coral is excited to lead her team of best friends to the treasure first. But soon they discover that there is a bigger mystery to solve…

Who is the mer-sterious Count Frumplesquid, and what does he really want in Cockleshell Cove?

Can Coral and her crew work together to uncover the truth and keep the precious treasure safe?

Welcome back to Cockleshell Cove, MerFriends!

MerTales Book 2

Have you read Book 2?

Galloping Guppies! It’s Book 2 in the sea-sational MerTales series, packed with mer-magical adventure.

Tomorrow is the Fancy-Fins Dress-up Party, and the MerTales crew are very excited!

Pearl, Sandy and Coral are extra thrilled to be testing out their mer-mazing new magic powers. But what about Shell? She doesn’t seem to have any powers, and is feeling a bit left out. Then a giant turtle blunders into Cockleshell Cove, and Shell is worried that she is too much of a scaredyfish to help. Together the girls must find a way to save the turtle, rescue Cockleshell Cove and have the best dress-up party ever!

Welcome back to Cockleshell Cove, MerFriends!

Which MerTales mermaid are you?

Are you bold like Coral? Sweet like Pearl? A bit of a scaredy-fins like Shell? Or maybe you’re a book sea-worm like Sandy? Find out in this flipper-riffic quiz!

Aqua-riffic Activities!

Dive right into the fun with these sea-sational MerTales activities. Download colouring-in sheets, do an online puzzle or giggle at fin-tickling mermaid jokes.

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Pearl Periwinkle
Shell Shimmerfins
Coral Clearwater
Sandy Starfish

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